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【Girls' Unit Plan】 90 minutes Premium all you can drink Sushi All you can eat 3480 yen (tax excluded)

【Girls' Unit Plan】 90 minutes Premium all you can drink Sushi All you can eat 3480 yen (tax excluded)

By using a coupon3758 yen

  • 50items
  • 250persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    90 minutes premium all-you-can-drink

Approximately 40 kinds of sushi with all you can drink at 3480 yen! You can even eat one dish all you can eat ☆ You can have a variety of cocktails in addition to beer and highball.Please eat and drink the delicious fish outstanding freshness! Please enjoy at the counter when using in small group size.I will escort the board.It is 3980 yen for 120 minutes, and 500 yen for men.


Tuna (medium toro / lean) white matter, shellfish, lighting, shrimp octopus, vegetable matter

Various scrolls and warships

【One dish】 Vegetable salad · Chicken chips · Tamaki · Handmade tofu · Mormon pottery · Salt pan fried · Seafood sauce custard sauce

【Fried】 Specialties Deep-fried Mountain 200g · 300g · 400g · Chicken Tang Deep-fried · Sasha Namba Pickled

【Dessert】 Yuzu Sherbet · Vanilla ice · Warabiko mochi

All-you-can-drink menu

· Sapporo black label (raw · bottle) 【All-you-can-drink premium】 Sapporo Amber Ebisu
- A glass of wine
· Garcia (red · white) 【All you can drink premium】 Sparkling wine "Paul star"
· Kanon (potato · wheat) 【All you can drink premium】 Futonoyo mountain
·plum wine
· Plain plum wine · Yuzu plum wine
· Sake High
· Lemon · Lime · Grapefruit · Calpis · Oolong · Green Tea
· Cassis · Campari (Orange · Grapefruit · Soda) / Gin (Tonic · Lime · Back) / Vodka (Moscone Commander · Screwdriver)
· Horn (Highball · Rock · Water split) 【All you can drink premium】 Suntory Yamazaki · Hakushu
·Soft drink
· Orange · Grapefruit · Coke · Ginjaya · Calpis · Oolong · Green Tea
· Laurel crown 'crown' 【all you can drink premium】 junior high net rice gin
· 【All-you-can-drink premium】 Sapporo premium alcohol free
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 21:00

2018/04/06 update